Self Healing Concrete

Self Healing Materials is a new research area that gets a lot of attention in recent years. Self Healing Concrete is a term that is used for cement-based materials that repair themselves after the material or structure gets damaged due to some sort of deterioration mechanism.

In this blog we will update you on the progress of the Self Healing Concrete projects running in the section Materials & Environment and the Microlab of the faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences of Delft University.

This blog contains a description of the running projects that are financed by AgentschapNL, DCMat, STW and industrial partners. Also a page "Literature & Videos" is included where a lot of publications can be found.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Sodium Silicate Solution for Self Healing

"Application of sodium silicate solution as self-healing agent in cementitious materials"
was the title of the paper by Haoliang Huang and Guang Ye at the Rilem conference in Hong Kong a few weeks ago.
Below you see an image from the presentation that Haoliang gave.
For the complete presentation and article go to the Literature & videos page.

new capsules for asphalt

Jun Feng Su, our specialist in making capsules succesfully made some capsules with rejuvenator inside for self healing of asphalt that are thermally stable.

Below you see some images of the capsules under the ESEM. In the inset graph you see how the capsule perform in the TGA.

MSc thesis Daniel Janssen

Last week Daniel Janssen defended his MSc-thesis on
"Water encaspulation to initiate self healing in cementitious materials"

you can download the thesis by clicking here or from the Literature & videos page.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

RILEM conference Hong Kong

Last week the anual RILEM week was organised, this time in Hong Kong. During the conference Erik presented the work of RILEM TC 221 (Self Healing of Cement Based Materials). If you were not there you can download the presentation here.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

more specimen shapes

Senot increased the number of different specimens in the Porous Network Concrete project.
We now have cylinders of different size, plates but also small beams with a tube of porous concrete inside.
More on this project can be found in the page "Porous Network Concrete". Furthermore a presentation can be downloaded from the "Literature & Videos" page.

strange equipment in Microlab

Maybe you have visited our Microlab before. You will have noticed that we have a lot of equipment to test cement based material. Since a few weeks some very unusual equipment can be found. We are not sure yet what Henk Jonkers is doing with this. He says that he needs it for making Bacterial Concrete.....