Self Healing Concrete

Self Healing Materials is a new research area that gets a lot of attention in recent years. Self Healing Concrete is a term that is used for cement-based materials that repair themselves after the material or structure gets damaged due to some sort of deterioration mechanism.

In this blog we will update you on the progress of the Self Healing Concrete projects running in the section Materials & Environment and the Microlab of the faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences of Delft University.

This blog contains a description of the running projects that are financed by AgentschapNL, DCMat, STW and industrial partners. Also a page "Literature & Videos" is included where a lot of publications can be found.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Self Healing Concrete Workshop 17-May-2011

This is not an announcement.... for that it is too late. But on May 17th 2011 we had a workshop on Self Healing Concrete that we organised for our sponsors (AgentschapNL, DCMat and STW) and our inductrial partners. Below you can find the program of the day. Maybe you missed it..... But the good thing is, that you can download all the presentation from this BLOG. Go to the 'Literature & Videos" page and you will find a link to the presentations at the bottom of this page.

The Workshop would not have been possible without a grant from DCMat.

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